The United States Of America



National flag

The USA flag is called " The Stars and Stripes". It was adopted as the national flag in 1777. Its stripes, six white and seven red, symbolise the original thirteen states while 50 white stars in the blue field represent each of fifty American states.













National Crest

The symbol of the USA is the eagle.

The Land

With an area of 9,529,063 km2 the US is the fourth largest country in the world, or nearly times bigger than the UK. Mainland USA (encluding Alaska), contains the 48 states and stretches for 4,500 km

from Atlantic in the East to the Pacific in the West and North-South it extends from the Canadian border to the 50th state, is situated in the South-West in the Pacific Ocean.

The U.S. is a land of contrasts, consisting of such varied landscapes as the highland region of Appalachia in the East, the Rocky Mountains in the West and the Great Plains in the centre so that it could well seem like many lands in one.

On the Atlantic Coast are the ever changing colours of the sea, from cold granite-grey in the North to the deep blue-green of Biscayne Bay and the waters of the Florida Keys in the South.In Florida waters you can see sand sharks, rays,and silver bonefish from flat-bottomed glass boats.